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Average Locked In Mortgage Rates

Track the national average mortgage interest rate across loan types. Save this page to stay up to date and see trends over time!

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The Money Playbook

From your credit score to down payment and loan type, this guide is the ultimate playbook to help you prepare for your first home purchase, or your 5th.

The Home Buying Blueprint

Our ultimate home buying guide that lays out every stage of the buying process in an easy to understand and readable format

The Home Selling Blueprint

Our home selling guide that meticulously expands on every stage of the selling process so that you can rest assured you are putting your trust in the best in class real estate experts that will get your home sold for top dollar.

Seller Pre Listing Checklist

Set your home up for success and a part from the rest with this checklist designed to help you turn your home into a showstopper that will net you the most and sell faster!

The Multiple Offer Situation Checklist

The ultimate tool when you find yourself in a multiple offer scenario.

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33 Buyer Outs

Here are all the ways that a buyer can legally exit a residential purchase contract in Texas

How The Economy Works

This is a fantastic video created by Ray Dalio, a large hedgefund investor in the US. He has done some incredible research into the US and world markets and takes us down a path into history to explain in a very simple, and visual way, how our economy works. I highly recommend watching this video as it will provide further context on how the economy works and thus allow you to fully take advantage of it.

The Crash of 2008

This video explains what happened that resulted in what we now call The Great Recession and The Credit Crisis of 2008. This video will give you context into what happened then and allow you to differentiate from today's market.